Water fun

Make A Big Splash

Sea-Doo branded tubes aren’t afraid to get noticed. Available In a range of sizzling color combinations and sizes, they’re built for fun and made to last. Add a little extra excitement to your day and a lot of happy smiles from everyone along for the ride!

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Sea-Doo pride: then and now. Every ride we make is born from inspiration and our passion for adventure, all of it captured in our stunning garage decor collection. A little from the past blended with the best of today hanging on your wall.
PHONE Technology

Make the right call

Sea-Doo branded smartphone cases express our colors and show off your passion for adventure, excitement and fun. Stylish, they’re how you show everyone that we’ve answered your call!
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Home sleek home

Home. It’s where you live. It’s who you are. It’s that place each day begins and ends, truly an essential part of your world. So what better to decorate it with than Sea-Doo lifestyle accessories? Add a little of your outdoor passion to your indoor space. Sleek, stylish, and simply you.
Accessories & Travel

Let the lifestyle carry you away

Perfect for anything from the daily commute to a long-distance adventure, our practical and stylish day-to-day accessories are the perfect choice whether you’re headed to work, traveling for work, or working off a little vacation time. Choose from our custom designed series of travel bags or sports bags and then hook them up with any of our great luggage accessories. Round out your collection with a money clip or a wallet and you’re sure to be good to go. Anywhere!
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Gift & Novelties

Notes of distinction

Whether you work at home, on the road, or in the office, our collection of luxury kits and notebooks are the ideal workmates. Sea-Doo design & quality means we’re as proud to put our names on them as you are to show them off. Work smart - look great!
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